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"Online Marketing Resources You Need to Know"- Vol #1

Running an online business is tough. As an Entrepreneur you've got to wear many hats and be a "Jack of all Trades" to get the job done right.

As a SUCCESSFUL Business Owner you need access to the right resources to promote and run your Website EFFECTIVELY. If you know where to look you'll find many sites that will help you to operate your online biz very inexpensively, sometimes even FREE. But it can take hours, even days of your time to track down these quality resources. Who has that kind of time?... I Can help.

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Merle's Must Have Marketing Resources EbookI've been an ezine publisher for over 5 years and I really love it!

You may already be familiar with my ezine
"M.C. Promotions Press". What I've done is comb through a year's worth of back issues and compiled the BEST RESOURCES into this 65 page PDF ebook. I'm devoted to helping Online Entrepreneurs SUCCEED and this ebook proves it.

Just look what people are saying.......

"Wow! What a great resource, Merle! Your 'Must Have Marketing Resources' ebook is literally jam-packed with valuable resources. I have placed it on my desktop so I can refer to it again and again.

"Congratulations on a job well done."

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"Incredible Resources! I've been making my living online for nine years now and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'd never heard of more than a dozen of the terrific resources you mention in your book. Well done! I highly recommend this to anyone doing business on the web."

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So What's Inside?.....

  • The Best Places to Register Domains
  • Free Website Disclaimer Builders
  • Where to Promote Your Website Inexpensively or FREE
  • Where to Generate Free Press Releases
  • Sites to Help You Improve Your Copy
  • How to Find Just the Right Keywords
  • Help with Ebook Publishing
  • Where to Get Free Conference Calling
  • Where to Distribute Your Articles Instantly
  • Cool Google Tools
  • Mailing List Hosts
  • Generate a Free Privacy Policy
  • Best Blogs & SEO Forums
  • Free Live Chat Support for Your Website
  • Over 100 Free Government Tax Forms for your Small Biz
  • How to Put Forms on Your Site with no CGI Experience
  • Free Autoresponders
  • How Merchants Can Get Listed with Froogle
  • Logos for ONLY 25.00
  • How to Incorporate Your Business
  • Tools for Shortening Your Links
  • Create PDF Ebooks Without Software
  • Track Your Website Visitors
  • Business Cards for Under $8.00
  • Where to Check Your Link Popularity
  • Using PayPal with Quickbooks
  • How to Poll Your Website Visitors

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll find inside. But don't take my word for it. Take a look at these comments.....

"When you're running your own home business, there's much to do and little money to do it with. Merle has gathered together an incredible collection of online resources -- and most of them are FREE. This is a must-have for any online entrepreneur."

Donna Schwartz Mills


"If you are planning on doing any sort of successful business on the web, at all, then let it be said, here and now, that "Merle" is without a doubt, a literal "God-send! She can definitely supply the vital information and help to make your online efforts far more effectively efficient, while making things fun and interesting along the way!

I have worked professionally as a writer / editor in the world of "Multi-Media Marketing" for over 25 years, and it is an absolute rarity to find someone, available here on the internet, who helps so many, so much, with such a perfect balance of expertise, focus, intelligence, honesty, charm, knowledge, humor and ethics, as Merle.

When people ask my opinion of who the 5 most valuable voices speaking to us here on the net are these days, Merle most certainly is always listed among that highly esteemed assembly of internet experts.

During those panicky, frantic moments of unexpected web oriented problems, or when planning a net strategy for a new web campaign, when I need certain, clearly defined, easy to understand, insightful expertise and helpful advice "FAST," the very first person I turn to, is Merle!

She truly is a blessing, for which I am eternally thankful!"

Larry L. Nichols
When only the Right Words will do!

If you've been a subscriber for years and have always wanted a simple way to contain the best resources from each issue, this is the answer you've been looking for. If you're not a subscriber you'll want to be after reading this Treasure Trove of Information.

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You Don't want to Miss Out on these VALUABLE Resources. Things Like:

  • The Top Ebook Compilers
  • How to Find Free Ebooks to use on your Site or as Bonus Items
  • How to Easily Add an RSS Feed to Your Site
  • Where to Find the Best Tutorials for Learning HTML
  • Free Shopping Cart Software
  • The BEST Marketing & Promotional Websites
  • Say Goodbye to SPAM
  • ....And Much More

This is a Bargain Price for Tips & Strategies you'll be able to use in your online business right away. This is the ultimate guide to the very best online resources.

There's no risk or obligation. If you're not Completely Satisfied with this ebook return it within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund. I guarantee it. Place Your ORDER NOW with the secured link below. You'll be taken directly to the download page where you can download the 65 PDF Ebook immediately. You're going to love it! I Promise.

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#3 Free Bonus: "How to Create the Ultimate Small Business Marketing System in 7 Simple Steps" by John Jantsch. As a small business marketer there are certain steps you need to cover in order to be successful and John shows you exactly what they are in this ebook. He's an expert and a delightful writer. PDF format.

#4 Free Bonus: Instant Press Release 1.0 Software- Everyone knows that press releases are a great way to increase your site traffic. This software will allow you to create perfectly formatted press releases simply by filling in some blanks and answering a few questions. (.exe format).

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